Contact The D3 Group

For general enquiries please contact the Secretariat. For enquiries specifically related to your locality, please consult an appropriate regional contact person as below. For those living Down Under, additional information may be sought from our sub-group representatives.

Acting Secretariat (Melbourne)*

  • Founder, director, lead scientist, chief cook & bottle washer –  Mike Hubbard, University of Melbourne
  • Secretary, project manager, designer, webmaster & sous chef – Sharon Dunn
Lead academic clinicians
  • Paediatric dentistry - David Manton, University of Melbourne (founding co-director)
  • Orthodontics - Paul Schneider, University of Melbourne
  • Dental therapy & hygiene – Julie Satur, University of Melbourne
* Please note that the D3G secretariat generally does not provide clinical advice or commentary to the public. Guidance on where to go for such help is available here.

Regional contacts for The D3 Group


New Zealand

International Ambassadors

Cultural attaché