The Hub

The Hub

The D3 Group (D3G) is based in Melbourne and, until 2017, our "D3 family" officially spanned Australia and New Zealand, a region known by many as "the land Down Under". Spreading from this Antipodean hub, our efforts have become appreciated around the world and we now have many international friends keen to participate and help. So, in 2017 and eight years after D3G started, we introduced international membership hoping that this would provide a useful stepping stone for effective globalisation of "the D3 movement". With this pleasing expansion
of our D3 family, it became necessary to rebadge our Antipodean core as
"the hub" of a global effort – and what could be better for this purpose
than "D3G Down Under"?

D3G Down Under

D3G Down Under

D3G currently has more than 250 members and friends across Australia and New Zealand. A selection is listed below to illustrate the breadth of our "D3 family".

Basic laboratory research

  • Mike Hubbard, Paediatrics & Pharmacology Depts, University of Melbourne
  • Jon Mangum, Pharmacology Dept, University of Melbourne
  • Joseph Palamara, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne
  • Mike Swain, School of Dentistry, University of Otago

Applied research

  • Garry Nervo, Pharmacology Dept, University of Melbourne
  • Roger Hall, Pharmacology Dept, University of Melbourne
  • Felicity Crombie, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne
  • Bernadette Drummond, School of Dentistry, University of Otago

Clinical research

  • David Manton, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne
  • Robert Anthonappa, UWA Dental School, Western Australia
  • Erin Mahoney, Wellington School of Medicine, Victoria University
  • Kim Seow, School of Dentistry, University of Queensland

Community & public health

  • Mike Morgan, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne
  • Hanny Calache, Dental Health Services Victoria
  • Chris Olsen, Royal Dental Hospital, Melbourne
  • Rachel Martin, North Richmond Community Health, Melbourne
  • Peter Arrow, Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, Adelaide
  • Aghareed Ghanim, Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne

Hospital dental practice

  • Kerrod Hallett, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Loch Ramalingam, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Richard Widmer, The Children's Hospital, Sydney
  • Sally Hibbert, The Children's Hospital, Sydney
  • Yaso Ramadas, Starship Hospital, Auckland
  • Arun Natarajan, Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch
  • Harleen Kumar, Dental Hospital, Sydney

Paediatric dental specialists, private practice

  • Margarita Silva, Hawthorn East, Melbourne
  • Karen Kan, Kew, Melbourne
  • John Sheahan, Brighton, Melbourne
  • Marilyn Owen, Tasmania
  • Eduardo Alcaino, Burwood, Sydney
  • Philippa Sawyer, Crows Nest, Sydney
  • Peter Wong, Deakin, Canberra
  • Vicky Law, Chermside, Brisbane
  • Nymphia Naik, Maroochydore, Queensland
  • Wendy Cheung, Rose Park, Adelaide
  • Michael Malandris, Plympton, Adelaide
  • Rebecca Williams, Bicton, Perth
  • Tim Johnston, North Freemantle, Perth
  • Marilyn Owen, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Nina Vasan, Meadowbank, Auckland
  • Katie Ayers, CBD, Hamilton
  • Heather Anderson, Merivale, Christchurch
  • Dorothy Boyd, CBD, Dunedin

Orthodontists, private practice

  • Paul Schneider, Hawthorn East, Melbourne
  • Sean O'Callaghan, Ringwood & Box Hill, Melbourne
  • Sarah Lawrence, CBD, Melbourne
  • Amanda Leen, Geelong
  • Francis Wong, Brighton, Melbourne
  • Patty Medland, Benowa, Queensland
  • Visa Vasudavan, Claremont, Perth
  • Mark Ewing, CBD, Hamilton
  • Sax Dearing, CBD, Napier
  • Betty Keng, CBD, New Plymouth

General Dentists

  • Felicity Wardlaw, Camberwell, Melbourne
  • Ruth Paluch, Caulfield, Melbourne
  • John Kosta, Bendigo, Victoria
  • Don Anderson, Ballarat, Victoria
  • Louise Loughlin, Boonah, Queensland
  • Joanna Pedlow, Christchurch
  • Craig Waterhouse, Dunedin
  • MaryAnne Costelloe, Stratford

Dental therapists and hygienists

  • Julie Satur, Melbourne Dental School
  • Melanie Hayes, Melbourne Dental School
  • Amanda Fennessy, Warrnambool, Victoria
  • Robyn Watson, University of Sydney, New South Wales
  • Kylie Innes, Darwin, Northern Territories
  • Julie Barker, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Hellene Platelle, Perth, Western Australia

Medical Practitioners

  • Andrew Heggie, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Sharon Goldfeld, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Nigel Curtis, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Rebecca Goodman, General Practitioner, Melbourne
  • Graeme Wright, General Practitioner, Brisbane
  • Barbora de Courten, Monash University, Melbourne


  • Tony Peacock, Dentsply Sirona Australia, Melbourne
  • Sue Dafnias, ex Dentsply, Melbourne
  • Pamela Dalgleish, ex Dentsply, Mansfield, Victoria
  • Susan Cartwright, Colgate Oral Care, Sydney
  • Stephen Haynes, GC Corporation, Sydney
  • Patrick Jones, A-dec, Sydney
  • Sophie Lodge, Wrigley, Sydney

D3 Families

  • Luke and the Ditcham family, Melbourne
  • Tudor family, Melbourne
  • Rainone family, Melbourne
  • King family, Melbourne
  • Dumaresq family, Melbourne
  • Guy family, Melbourne
  • Ferre family, Melbourne
  • Swift family, Melbourne
  • Steven family, Melbourne
  • Bennett family, Sydney
  • Boucher family, Sydney