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Social Impact

We are keen to embrace membership from across the community, whether you're involved in delivery of healthcare for D3 or a recipient of it – in fact we welcome anyone with a constructive interest in D3 and social good. Individual membership subscription is now open to everyone, anywhere – so those of you from countries beyond our Antipodean hub are encouraged to join the growing family of paid-up members. We're developing a Practice membership scheme too, initially with specialist practitioners from Down Under (see here). To renew an existing membership simply please go here.

Individual subscription for just AU$50 yearly (≈US$40)

D3G Dispatch

By becoming a full member, you'll receive:

  • Our regular e-newsletter with unique D3-flavoured educational content (D3G Dispatch, sample)
  • Interim email alerts (D3G event invitations, urgent news & happenings etc)
  • A membership pin on our "D3 family map"
  • Helpline for student/researcher/practitioner (email, informal only)
  • Ticket discount at D3G events
  • A warm buzz from knowing your support helps many others (social impact)

Basic email membership for only AU$5 once (≈US$4)

By joining our email list, you'll receive:

  • Email alerts (D3G event invitations, major news, happenings & offerings)

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

While the cost of D3G membership is a relatively minor amount for most of us, this is not the case for many in less-fortunate circumstances. Should you wish to Share D3 Love, please order two or more memberships (of either type) and we will make the extras available to interested parties from less-developed parts of the world – it's fine to order your own full membership and donate, for example, two pay-it-forward basic memberships (AU$60 total). As this scheme unfolds, we will log the social impact by mapping the number of beneficiaries and their locations. We are delighted that, thanks to the generosity of many subscribers, several forward-paid memberships are now available – if you know of or consider
yourself a deserving beneficiary of this gift, please contact the Secretary.

How to join

Please use the eShop below (accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

D3G Membership

If using a credit card, make sure you enter the billing details for that card – note these usually differ from your work address in the case of a personal credit card. The subscription can be linked to another address (e.g. work office) in the following step.

Soon after completing the payment step, you'll receive an email requesting the following information which we will use confidentially for communicating with you and for reporting the the composition of our D3 family (the latter will be anonymous/de-identified):

  • Email address – the same one you used to Join with
  • Profession/occupation – are you a health professional or "other interested party"?
  • Company – do you work for a healthcare company?
  • Research experience – are you a published researcher, even if years ago?
  • Do YOU have a D3? – prevalence of D3s across our membership will be an eye-catching statistic in social-impact reports.
  • Membership address – for postal deliveries and location of your membership pin (optional)

For a standard $50 subscription, simply press the orange JOIN D3G button below. For upgrade or basic subscriptions, select as appropriate by pressing the white $50 annual subscription box.

Please contact the Secretary if any difficulty is encountered.

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Support D3G and complement your D3G membership with a copy of Sam's storybook, some D3G referral cards, or stack of Toothy Scientist stickers. Learn more.