MRUFD and D3G funds

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, from time to time MRUFD accumulates sufficient funds to provide facilitatory funding for translational D3 research. Particular interest surrounds support for team building (i.e. involving new and existing groups) and pilot project work with a view to securing funding from additional sources (see below).

Currently donations to D3G are collected on behalf by MRUFD. But with increasing donations targeted specifically towards Molar Hypomin, we intend to implement a separate collection mechanism for D3G soon.

Help with securing funding from other sources

The D3G translational research network offers unprecedented opportunities for boosting the success rates of your research-funding bids.

Please consider exploiting this network to:

  • build a stronger, more multi-disciplinary research team
  • use cross-sector brainstorming to develop stronger research questions and designs
  • cross-communicate to identify key unanswered questions and avoid bid duplication
  • share unpublished and pilot data to build better-justified cases for new research

We believe that research bids associated in some way with a dynamic translational research initiative will outperform those that aren't. Such success is also likely to provide better outcomes for humankind, not just us researchers. And rest assured that association with the D3G does not mean your rights as an individual researcher need be compromised – it might work out quite the opposite!!

Who to contact?

Contact the D3G Directors for further information and guidance.