Toothy is Really Wonky

Maybe you are like our friend PJ, whose Chalky Molar was worse than Sam's. Remember that PJ's Toothy was really soft and crumbly. And sometimes it tingled or hurt quite a bit too. Poor PJ – that is not fun! Luckily Dentists know lots of tricks to fix these problems. And they just love making kids feel better. So with any luck you will be back to normal business in a jiffy, just like our swim star PJ.


Toothy King

Can you remember the Dentist covered PJ's Toothy with a special kind of Hat to look after it and stop it hurting? Some people call these Hats a "Crown" because they look so bright and shiny. These Clever Hats work like a strong bandage that hugs and protects Toothy.

Sometimes it is pretty easy to put a Shiny Hat on Toothy's head. It is especially helpful when you can keep your Toothy nice and still. But other times it can be a bit tricky and you have to wait for quite a while.

What happens with your Wonky Teeth will depend on what the Dentist discovers in your mouth – like how many of your Toothys have Potholes, and how big are they?

Getting Shiny Hats put on is a bit like getting a Filling. So you can see what other kids think about getting Fillings by clicking here. And do not forget that Dentists love Curious Kids.
So you should ask them as many questions as you can.


Sleepy Toothy

To help the Dentist do a really good job, sometimes it is best to make Toothy take a nap. This happens like for a Filling (click here to see about that). And for some other kids it might be better to wait until THEY are having a nap. This is good because all their Toothys will be sleeping too. Most kids can think of lots of questions about all this Sleepy Stuff. So remember to ask as many as you can!


Byee Toothy

Some kids' Toothys are so sick, or so sore, that it is better to take them out. We guess you know how a Toothy can be Wiggled Out because you probably did that with one of your Baby Toothys. But because Chalky Teeth are often bigger than baby teeth, it is best to ask your Dentist to Wiggle Out Toothy for you. They are extra good at it. Most kids have lots of questions about all this Wiggly Business. So we think you should ask as many as you can!

And now we have a question for you. What happens with the Tooth Fairy when it is the Dentist who Wiggles Out your Toothy?

If you do not know the answer then you better click here to learn more about Tooth Fairies. You will also see Cool Stuff about something you probably have never heard of – called "Tooth Scientists". And if you are an Older Kid interested in Nerdier Stuff then you should go here to learn about other aspects of The Tooth, The Holey Tooth, and Nothing But The Tooth (which of course has nothing to do with what people say in Court).


If you think your Toothy is different to this, go ahead and push the proper Wonky Button to find out more.


A Wee Bit Wonky Fairly WonKy