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One-in-six schoolchildren have chalky molars – why, and what needs doing?

Marilyn Owen Marilyn Owen"Molar Hypomin is a big problem in baby teeth too"
Marilyn is a paediatric dentist who practises privately in Hobart (Tasmania) and pioneered D3G's brand new We Fight Chalky Teeth practice initiative. During her postgraduate studies, Marilyn undertook an investigation of D3s and caries in preschoolers. She will talk about this research and her clinical experiences, reinforcing that Molar Hypomin is a problem that extends across both the permanent and primary dentitions.

Arun Natarajan Arun Natarajan"Clinical issues surrounding Molar Hypomin"
Arun is a paediatric dentist practising at Christchurch hospital in NZ. During his postgraduate training, he used Raman spectroscopy to characterise hypomineralised enamel and resin infiltration, as published here. Besides outlining this pioneering research, Arun will use his experiences to discuss clinical aspects of Molar Hypomin, including pain, diagnosis and staged interventions.

Michael Zhao Michael Zhao"Bonding to hypomineralised enamel"
Michael is an orthodontist working privately in Melbourne. As a postgraduate, Michael researched bonding to hypomineralised enamel, including the effects of sandblasting and microetching. He will talk about these studies and use his clinical experiences to reinforce how Molar Hypomin impacts on orthodontics and the dental profession more generally.

John Rogers John Rogers"Dental hospitalisation of children"
John is a public health dentist working for the Victorian government in Melbourne. In his recent PhD studies, John investigated factors surrounding children hospitalised for dental reasons. His talk raises questions about the contribution of Molar Hypomin to this public health issue.

Geoff Adams Geoff Adams"Molar Hypomin and caries prevalence across different populations"
Geoff is an epidemiologist and statistician working across various dental research projects at the University of Melbourne. Recently he helped explore the links between D3s, caries and ethnicity in Malaysian children. His talk reinforces the need for population-level investigations of Molar Hypomin to take account of multiple variables.

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